Jillian Francis

Jillian Francis is a singer/songwriter who has dedicated the last decade to building her musical vision. Her voice, rooted in the Laurel Canyon era, and her modern indie/folk pop production allow her stories to be heard and related to by all different walks of life. Inspired by Stevie Nicks, Bon Iver, & Florence Welch, as well as many others, she has matched her powerfully honest lyric with uplifting melodies to create a safe environment for her community to reflect and move past their emotions.

Working in the music industry by day and in the studio by night, Jillian has been fully focused on completing her debut EP with the help of talented songwriters and producers. She will be releasing her debut single, Won’t Be You, will debut on August 29, 2019.



"Another Nameless Face" Live with BackSeat Sesh

Jillian Francis performed her original "Another Nameless Face" for the BackSeat Sesh in April 2018. The song is about how someone can go from being in your life every day to becoming a complete stranger. It's about closure and allowing yourself to let go of people who are no longer serving a purpose in your life.

This song as well as a many others are featured on an episode of The Sesh Podcast out now!





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